Fintech on Alibaba Cloud

  • Faster transactions
  • High scalability
  • Great customer experience
  • Powered by AI & Blockchain




Why choose Alibaba Cloud for financial services?

Alibaba Cloud is the best fintech cloud services provider in India and APAC, helping you enable
great customer experience and expand in the market faster.

Highly Secure Platform

Managed Alibaba Cloud security solutions ensure high security and meet regulatory compliances. These solutions come with all the essential security resources and tools to strengthen data security.

Advanced Architecture

Fintech on Alibaba Cloud comes powered by artificial intelligence (AI) and big data. It brings an advanced architecture and highly available cloud infra for financial services organizations.

Great Customer Experience

With Alibaba Cloud fintech solutions, you can enable great user experience, by delivering faster transactions and low latency. The distributed infra of this cloud is reliable and scalable.

Smart Routing

Depending upon delivery and capacity rates of each SMS provider, Alibaba Cloud SMS will choose the best route in actual time for ensuring that your message reaches destination timely.

Fintech cloud powered by the latest technologies

Fintech on Alibaba Cloud is a one-stop solution to meet all the expectations and needs of
financial institutions, banks, and insurance businesses.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Provide a seamless and personalized user experience, streamline compliance processes, and support the customers 24/7 with an intelligent chatbot. Fintech on Alibaba Cloud is a must-use solution for fintech enterprises.


Deploy blockchain-based fintech cloud solution for highly secure payments and smart contracts. It protects confidential data, enables end-to-end availability, and brings improved options for administration.

Big Data

Leverage the power of big data to analyze data with high accuracy and make strategic decisions. Alibaba Cloud solutions enable a data-driven approach for efficient data mining and flexible data modelling.

Hybrid Cloud

Combine the power of cloud and on-premise servers to be more agile and innovate faster. With Alibaba Cloud, you are never stuck. You can also seamlessly migrate storage, databases, and other content easily, in an encrypted manner.


Integration with all the required cloud services

This is the only cloud-based solution for fintech that can be integrated with all the required cloud services.

Elastic Compute Service (ECS)

Power your fintech applications with Alibaba Cloud ECS for an elastic and secure cloud hosting. It provides the SLA commitment of 99.975% and availability of 99.995% for multiple zones.


Cloud Database

Alibaba Cloud is the #1 cloud database provider in APAC and #3 in the world. Back your business with an innovative AI-based database solution that features auto-recovery and auto-optimization.

Secure Cloud Storage

Get an encrypted and secure object storage service for storage, processing, and backing up massive amounts of data in the cloud. You can scale the capacity and choose the preferred storage types.

Container Management

Alibaba Cloud’s container service is known for high performance and scalability. Based on Docker and Kubernetes, it offers a wide range of app publishing methods, with microservice architecture support.


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