Alibaba Cloud DStack

  • Open source
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Best Hybrid Cloud Management Solution for Businesses

A proven platform to manage hybrid cloud environment, data center, and edge servers.

Alibaba Cloud DStack (Apsara Stack Agility Elastic Compute Service) is one of the best open-source, simple, strong, and scalable hybrid cloud solutions for businesses.

It enables unified management of hardware in data centers, hybrid cloud environments and servers on the edge across on-premises and Alibaba Cloud resources.

Alibaba Cloud DStack can be used in a number of scenarios, including disaster recovery, interconnection network, unified hybrid cloud management, security and protection, one-click cloud migration and public cloud value-added services.

Benefits of Alibaba Cloud DStack

Make the management, monitoring, and use of hybrid cloud systems easier with industry’s best hybrid cloud management solution.

Open Source

An open source hybrid cloud solution, DStack can be easily downloaded and set up within minutes. It can be upgraded with just a click.

High Availability

With DStack hybrid cloud solutions, the VM instances and management nodes remain highly available, so that the computing, network, and storage services operate well, even when the corresponding management node gets disconnected.



DStack hybrid cloud solution concentrates hardware resources, avoids unnecessary hardware expenses, and optimizes the way server resources are utilized. Businesses save up to 90% in total costs.

Secure Platform

With support for L2 VLAN/VXLAN isolation and security groups to prevent the VMs from cyberattacks, DStack is a highly secure hybrid cloud platform. It also provides the ability to control permissions (admin, account and user levels) and isolate the resources.

High Performance

Alibaba Cloud DStack can manage 10K+ hosts and 100K+ virtual machine (VM) instances on a single node. Also, DStack takes only a few minutes to process over 10K+ concurrent API requests/second and create 100+ VM instances.

O&M Automation

DStack features rich Restful APIs to automate Operations & Maintenance (O&M). These cover the functions of private cloud platform and query resources with millions of combined conditions.

Alibaba Cloud DStack Usage Scenarios

DStack is one of the best hybrid cloud management platforms that can be used for a wide range of scenarios.

Hybrid Cloud Network Interconnection

Alibaba Cloud DStack forms a network interconnection between private cloud and public cloud, allowing businesses to schedule the resources and deploy resources in the cloud of their choice.

One-Click Cloud Migration

Since DStack enables network interconnection, the businesses can easily migrate their resources between public cloud and private cloud with just a few clicks, without interrupting the business.

Value-Added Services

Use the value-added services of your public cloud for private cloud, without manually creating VMs for it. Alibaba Cloud DStack allows the migration of these value-added services as well.

Hybrid Security

Alibaba Cloud DStack enables security in a unified way, so that you don’t have to secure the public cloud and private cloud separately. It enables anti-DDoS, vulnerability scanning, virus protection, etc.


Centralized Hybrid Cloud Management

With DStack hybrid cloud management platform, you can easily manage both the public cloud and private cloud from a single place. Just integrate the services to enable seamless management online and offline.

Disaster Recovery

Encrypt and back up your data to public cloud on a pay-per-use basis and implement remote disaster recovery without thinking twice about scalability.

Rely on Extensive Hybrid Cloud Management Features

Alibaba Cloud DStack comes with various compelling features to benefit the businesses in a wide range of hybrid cloud scenarios.

Bandwidth Threshold

Limit the bandwidth and network uplink/downlink of VM instances by setting thresholds.

Load Balancing

Distribute the loads and allocate the resources to prevent the applications from getting overburdened and slow.


Easily create, allocate, recover and delete images whenever required, like Docker.

Overcommitting Resources

Supports overcommitting of resources like CPU and memory, to save overall power and money.


Keep a track of resource loads, capacity, and performance status of the private cloud data center in real time with large-screen monitoring.

Multi-tenant Billing

Improve the self-service capability of private cloud with multi-tenant quota and billing capabilities

Reinstallation and Recovery

Use ISO images to quickly reinstall or recover the VM instances.

Easy Queries

Tag and locate the resources with their names, description, and users to find them easily.

Build and Manage Hybrid Cloud with Alibaba Cloud DStack

Get started with one of the best hybrid cloud management solutions in the industry today.


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