Fastest Content Delivery Network by Alibaba Cloud

2,800+ nodes globally

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

HTTPS-secured acceleration

Content distribution within milliseconds

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Why trust Alibaba Cloud Content Delivery Network (CDN)?

Alibaba Cloud is one of the best content delivery network providers, enabling fastest distribution of content globally.

Lowest latency, highest performance

It speeds up load times, reduces latency, and responds to user requests within milliseconds. It uses SSD storage and 10-GE NICs powered network for high performance

Highly scalable

With this cloud CDN, you are never stuck. It is a highly scalable solution that supports multiple APIs, horizontal service scaling, custom console, as well as architecture scaling.

Hundreds of nodes

Alibaba Cloud CDN provides the best content delivery network services, having over 2,800 nodes globally and up to 120 Tbps of bandwidth capacity. It supports most of the ISPs.


It is a budget friendly CDN solution, allowing you to go for the billing method of your choice. The supported billing methods include pay-by-bandwidth, pay-by-bandwidth, and more.


Secure and high performance CDN solution for businesses

Alibaba Cloud CDN exhibits all the essential security and performance features

Secure acceleration

Protect cyberthreats like hijacking, tampering, and data leakage by enabling HTTPS-secure acceleration. This CDN solution provides end-to-end content distribution acceleration and redirects HTTP requests to HTTPS.

Highly efficient

Get support for load balancing among multi-CPU architecture, optimize input/output per second, and gain high-performance caching. Alibaba Cloud CDN uses SSDs for all the nodes to enable higher availability.

Anti-leech features

Control the access to your resources by whitelisting or blacklisting the visitors. CDN uses anti-leech powered by HTTP referrer to limit the access, authenticate and encrypt URLs, and secure your resources.

Multi-dimensional analytics

Monitor your business development and CDN performance easily. Alibaba Cloud content delivery network provides access to detailed statistics, multi-dimensional analysis, and user accounts.

Alibaba Cloud CDN Pricing

It is the most affordable CDN service out there!

  • No Upfront Cost.
  • Pay-By-Bandwidth.
  • Pay-By-Traffic.

Alibaba Cloud CDN Use Cases

This is the one-stop CDN solution that your business needs today.

Video on Demand (VOD)

Enable the fastest on-demand video streaming, upload both video and audio, transcode automatically, and create a highly secure and custom VOD platform. Alibaba Cloud content delivery network services save up to 20% costs on bandwidth, while speeding up the performance with a cache hit rate of over 95%.

Faster website loading

Accelerate the loading speed of your website across the entire globe, regardless of your server location. Powered by an intelligent scheduling system and having over 2,800 nodes around the world, Alibaba Cloud CDN loads your website instantly within milliseconds.

High-speed downloading

Boost the speed of downloading and delivery of content, whether it is a heavy MP4 file or FLV file. Alibaba Cloud leverages Object Storage Service (OSS) to reduce origin fetching costs by up to 66%. It is very stable and efficient when it comes to adopting the distribution system for faster performance.

Mobile app acceleration

CDN can significantly improve your mobile app experience by accelerating the distribution of apk files, pages, images, videos, and other content. It leverages HTTPDNS to prevent DNS hijacking and apply precise routing. Alibaba Cloud CDN is compatible with both iOS and Android apps.

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