Expand Your Business in Asia with Alibaba Cloud

Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

Video on demand (VOD)

Big Data and many more

Why Alibaba Cloud?

Alibaba Products

Why Alibaba Cloud?

Customized Cloud Deployment

Our Alibaba Cloud Certified experts design an ongoing and customized infrastructure based on the custom requirements your business has.

Security Regulation Compliance

Our cloud deployment methods ensure your business gets compliance with security and government regulations.

Deploy Business in APAC

Increases your business footprints in APAC (Asia-Pacific) region Alibaba Cloud India resources and our expertise management.

Dedicated Expert Support

Our Alibaba Cloud certified experts are available 24×7 providing constant support to keep your business running without technical hurdles.

Get Free Cloud Consultation

Let’s explore how our Alibaba Cloud solutions in India can empower your business further and improve performance and revenue.

Alibaba Products

Elastic Computing

Storage & CDN


Database Services


Domains & Websites

Analytics & Big Data

Application Service

Media Services


Apsara Stack

Internet of Things

Monitoring & Management

Cloud Communication

Alibaba Cloud offers DBaaS to digitalise India businesses in a cloud native era

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Alibaba Reach in Mainland and Global

With 8 data centers in China and 12 outside China, Alibaba Cloud is ready for your business’s global presence.


outside China


in China

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